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We’re a new way of getting a hands-on working experience while you're still in school.

We do this by getting you in touch with industry experts, allowing you to explore various career options and kickstart your dream job with just the click of a button. 

It’s better than getting your degree first and landing yourself jobs that are unrelated to your field of study because we source mentors from all the around the world, and get you close to an international working platform while you're on the go. 

We know you’ll enjoy it because it will bring you a step closer to achieving your dreams.

expand internationally?


Make a difference.

what's in it for you?


WeCruited encourages students to explore career options and learn practical skills through our interactive mentorship programs. Mentees get to take on real world problems and receive personal feedback from industry professionals.


WeCruited enables industry professionals to create and manage their mentorship and learning community with ease. Spare just an hour a week to share your experiences and inspire your mentees to follow your footsteps.


WeCruited offers end to end recruiting services for part-time positions and internships. Tell us your hiring needs and we'll match you with the right candidates from our pool of experienced young talents.

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