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Marissa T.
  • Name: Marissa Teoh Li Xian

    Age:    20yrs old (1997)

    Gender: Female

    Nationality: Chinese

    University: Inti International College, Subang Jaya

    Course:  Bachelors in Business Administration (Dual Major) in International Business and Management

    Height: 168 cm

    Weight: 65kg

    Transportation: Car

    Spoken Language: English & Mandarin

    Marissa T.

    • 1)      Worked as an art teacher in My Art Studio for 2 years

      2)      Worked as an academic private tutor for 2 months

      3)      Worked as a sales assistant in The Last Polka for 3 months

      4)      Worked as a sales assistant for a fashion boutique for a year and a half

      5)      Worked for BEAM under the business development dept

      • Good English 
      • Youtube Singer


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